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PC is the Best and Worst Gaming Platform

I will always be a proud member of PC Master Race. I love building computers.  I love that anxious, uncertain feeling of pressing the power button for the first time after hooking up all the components.  I love that fresh scent of plastic after taking

Westworld Studio Pitch

David and I both really, really liked Westworld.  Drew did not. We thought a radio skit might be an entertaining way to examine both viewpoints, so take a listen! ***SPOILER ALERT*** – Full spoilers for the entire season are referenced! What did you think of

Working at Valve

“A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to do.” This line appears on the cover of the Valve employee handbook, and it accurately describes the company culture that is, by all conventional measures, entirely backwards from a traditional work environment. “Imagine

PAX: Equal Opportunity Gaming

What I’m about say might shock you.  It may anger you, surprise you, frighten you, and cause you to question everything you thought you knew was real. Ready for it? We are a very small website. Whew.  It feels good to finally get that out in the

Awesome Games Done Quick 2016

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start things off right by raising money for charity with video games!  Awesome Games Done Quick is at it again January 3-10, and gamers are speedrunning their way to setting another record for fundraising with the

DLC Culture: A Season Pass of Downloadable Crap

I set out to write a satirical article describing an announcement from EA stating they would place the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season passes for the next 10 years on sale preemptively, just in time for the holidays, without having any idea what the content

Six Months of Geek Melee

On April 1 of this year, crowds gathered online as they anxiously awaited the launch of the highly anticipated new website, Geek Melee. “I took a sick day from work and just kept hitting refresh,” avid geek media enthusiast Hoxton Buckinghorn, Jr. recalled. “We all

Praise Gaben: The Steam Summer Sale is Here!

Fellow members of the PC Master Race, and followers of Lord Gaben, rejoice!  The prophecies foretold of another bountiful Steam sale, and it is upon us!  So begins another summer that our wallets shall be raped, our backlogs shall grow, and we shall justify purchases that truly are not needed!