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DLC Culture: A Season Pass of Downloadable Crap

I set out to write a satirical article describing an announcement from EA stating they would place the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season passes for the next 10 years on sale preemptively, just in time for the holidays, without having any idea what the content

Batgirl & Harley Quinn DLC: Actually Pretty Good

Look, I know that Harley Quinn DLC back in the day wasn’t the post-coital ball cradle we well wanted after the immensely satisfying coitus that is Batman: Arkham City. The story floundered in the wake of Paul Dini’s absence, and the entire level is training

The Backstreets Of The Mushroom Kingdom: Mario Kart 8 DLC In Review

He staggered around his house, depressed. “A-nother a-day, a-nother a-coin,” he said, despondently.  His day was going to play out like normal.  Shower.  Shit.  A bowl of ‘Shroom Cereal.  Save the Princess.  Drink.  Stare into the void.  Cry.  Black out.  This routine was getting more and