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Cape Talk: Everyone v Everyone

  On Batman v Superman Man of Steel is not a very good movie, as I’ve mentioned before. However, it did one thing very, very right: it gave Superman a proper Biblical knock-down struggle against an equally godlike opponent (finally washing from our mouths the

Max Fleischer Superman VS Dinosaur

  Words can’t describe how much I loved this Max Fleischer short, but it’s greatness demands I make a feeble attempt. I mean, first of all, Lois Lane’s sass is at yell-and-crush-your-Saiyan-Scouter-in-your-hand levels. Superman pulls her from right out the dinosaur’s mouth and when he

Identity of the Arkham Knight Revealed! Sort Of! (Not Really)

It’s only 24 hours until Batman: Arkham Knight drops and Rocksteady Studios once again revolutionizes Batman-based gameplay as we now know it. Many web sites have claimed to have already uncovered the identity of the game’s mysterious titular villain, the Arkham Knight, but we at Geek Melee

This Music Video Is My Spirit Animal

We’ve had a real glut of movie trailers and teasers over the past couple weeks as the different studios jockey for attention in anticipation of summer blockbuster season. It started with Marvel/Disney’s first trailer for Ant-Man last Monday, and though I’m still disappointed that we