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Suicide Squad Review: Ugh, It Was Such An Amazing Trailer

Warning: This review contains spoilers! As I’ve written about before, no one’s ever quite re-bottled the lightning that was GoldenEye 007. But the most ham-fisted and soulless effort was surely GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. The hook of this “sequel” was that you would be playing a villain, and

Cape Talk #3: Scandals!!

WARNING: This article is just riddled with spoilers. If you haven’t read Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, Justice League #50, or DC Universe: Rebirth #1, then read at your own risk!!   Captain America and Bucky…More Than Just Pals? #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend Yeah, we all know his name. B U C K Y! pic.twitter.com/8uUAIS3ipf

Twitter Erupts: Is ‘Force Awakens” Rey a Mary Sue?

Twitter, with its 140-character limit and many large personalities, is often a nexus of controversy. This weekend’s dust-up took place, probably unsurprisingly, over Star Wars.   What Is A Mary Sue It seems to have all started with Max Landis, writer of the movie Chronicle

Cape Talk: Everyone v Everyone

  On Batman v Superman Man of Steel is not a very good movie, as I’ve mentioned before. However, it did one thing very, very right: it gave Superman a proper Biblical knock-down struggle against an equally godlike opponent (finally washing from our mouths the

Third Superhero Movies: A History of Badness

  Superman III. Batman Forever. Blade Trinity. X-Men 3. Spider-Man 3. What do these movies all have in common? That’s right: they’re terrible. Something seems to happen when a superhero movie series hits its third installment. Maybe they just run out of gas. Maybe that’s just when

Oklahoma Man Still Seeking Last Arkham Knight Riddle

  An Oklahoma man is still seeking his last Riddler challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight. Keith Frakes, a 28-year-old project manager currently residing in Oklahoma City, explains that he started playing the game soon after it was released but often put off searching for the

Batgirl & Harley Quinn DLC: Actually Pretty Good

Look, I know that Harley Quinn DLC back in the day wasn’t the post-coital ball cradle we well wanted after the immensely satisfying coitus that is Batman: Arkham City. The story floundered in the wake of Paul Dini’s absence, and the entire level is training

Identity of the Arkham Knight Revealed! Sort Of! (Not Really)

It’s only 24 hours until Batman: Arkham Knight drops and Rocksteady Studios once again revolutionizes Batman-based gameplay as we now know it. Many web sites have claimed to have already uncovered the identity of the game’s mysterious titular villain, the Arkham Knight, but we at Geek Melee