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Working at Valve

“A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to do.” This line appears on the cover of the Valve employee handbook, and it accurately describes the company culture that is, by all conventional measures, entirely backwards from a traditional work environment. “Imagine

PAX: Equal Opportunity Gaming

What I’m about say might shock you.  It may anger you, surprise you, frighten you, and cause you to question everything you thought you knew was real. Ready for it? We are a very small website. Whew.  It feels good to finally get that out in the

Praise Gaben: The Steam Summer Sale is Here!

Fellow members of the PC Master Race, and followers of Lord Gaben, rejoice!  The prophecies foretold of another bountiful Steam sale, and it is upon us!  So begins another summer that our wallets shall be raped, our backlogs shall grow, and we shall justify purchases that truly are not needed!