Praise Gaben: The Steam Summer Sale is Here!


Fellow members of the PC Master Race, and followers of Lord Gaben, rejoice!  The prophecies foretold of another bountiful Steam sale, and it is upon us!  So begins another summer that our wallets shall be raped, our backlogs shall grow, and we shall justify purchases that truly are not needed!

Brothers and sisters, let us remind ourselves how to properly navigate Steam sales with this sacred text:

Steam Flowchart

Let us take comfort in knowing that Lord Gaben is always in control:


Let us give praise with this uplifting hymn:

Let us pray for those who turn away from the light:


Let us honor the holy wars of years past:

Let us pass these teachings to our children:


And finally, let us take no shame in our walk with PC:

This is a glorious time, brothers and sisters. A glorious time indeed.

May Lord Gaben’s light shine upon you all.  Or at least through June 21st, when the sale ends.

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