E3 Day 1: Doom Footage Drops, Doom Confirmed To Pretty Much Be Doom


Footage of id Software’s Doom 4, titled Doom, was shown at E3, and we at Geek Melee can now confirm that the new Doom game will, in fact, be a Doom game.

Gameplay footage includes running through a vaguely futuristic industrial setting and shooting at demonic creatures with large guns. id Software executive producer Marty Stratton presented the footage with a lifeless wave of his hand. “I mean, yeah, it’s Doom,” he said to the crowd at publisher Bethesda Game Studio’s first E3 press conference. “Just look.”


“See? It’s Doom. See him shooting the demon?”

Some of the innovations toted during the demonstration were grabbing ledges, melee finishers, and other video game elements other genres have had on tap going all the way back to the first Doom game in 1993.


Didn’t something else from 1993 come back this week…?

The gameplay demonstration also revealed that the new Doom will have heavy amounts of gore, as well as enemies of varying size. “It’s a first-person shooter, and you’ll be shooting at monsters,” Stratton said by way of explanation. After a brief pause, he added, “The color red will figure prominently.”

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