Awesome Games Done Quick 2016


It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start things off right by raising money for charity with video games!  Awesome Games Done Quick is at it again January 3-10, and gamers are speedrunning their way to setting another record for fundraising with the event.  If you haven’t heard of the Games Done Quick marathon until now, it’s a bi-annual event where gamers stream speedruns of various video games in an effort to elicit donations for charity.  Awesome Games Done Quick happens in January, and it is the counterpart to Summer Games Done Quick, which occurs in, well, you guessed it, the summer.

Donations raised in this iteration are benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving lives through cancer prevention and early detection.  At the time of this post, over $338,000 has already been raised, and AGDQ is only at about the halfway mark.  We would also encourage you to visit the donation page for the event and consider giving to this worthy cause!

We’ve embedded the Twitch stream of the event below, so take a moment to check out some killer players crushing records for completing games.  Here’s the schedule if you’d like to check out what games are on-deck to be utterly obliterated with time warping speedruns.

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

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