Six Months of Geek Melee


On April 1 of this year, crowds gathered online as they anxiously awaited the launch of the highly anticipated new website, Geek Melee.

“I took a sick day from work and just kept hitting refresh,” avid geek media enthusiast Hoxton Buckinghorn, Jr. recalled. “We all knew this site would be a game changer. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a single minute of the action.”

Credible industry sources leaked the launch date of the website weeks in advance.

Gerald Gerplinkman, acclaimed online web historian, recalled the following from the site’s go live: “The toilet. Sitting on the toilet, at work, browsing the internet on my phone. Right around 9:30 AM. That’s where I was when the site launched. I remember it like it was yesterday. I think we all do. Big events like that… they just… well, they just leave an imprint.”

Six months have passed, and the site has far exceeded the expectations of industry analysts. Despite multiple buyout offers from tech giants and publishing powerhouses, the owners have decided to retain 100% ownership and continue to operate the site independently.

“We just love what we do, you know?” remarked Drew, as a flight attendant dressed in Geek Melee Flight Crew attire delivered his cocktail in the private jet where we conducted the interview. “There may come a day that we want to step away, but for now, as long as the readers keep coming, the advertisers keep beating down our door, and we haven’t run out of ideas, we’d like to maintain full control.”

David and Jon declined to comment. Their administrative assistants indicated they were both too busy counting large piles of money.

On a more serious note, wow!  Geek Melee has been live for six months.

Here are a few stats from launch until today for your mathematical pleasure:

60 articles published
68,800 words of article copy
15,667 user visits to the site

Keeping the ship afloat for six months and the numbers above may be trivial in the eyes of the online industry, but they sure mean a lot to us. This is a side project that started as a fleeting conversation, and the fact that we’ve been able to share so much of our writing with so many people is truly rewarding.

Your readership, comments, Facebook likes, re-tweets, feedback and support are the fuel that keeps the site going. You are the motivating force that pushes us to continue to create new content, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Thank you for supporting us, supporting this idea, and allowing us to share our creativity with you.

To celebrate, we’ve each selected our two favorite articles. Enjoy!

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David’s Favorites: Console Wars: An Interview With Blake J. Harris and E3 Day 1: Microsoft Blunders, Forgets Kinect Device Exists

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