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GoldenEye 007: Broken Legacy

  In 1997, Nintendo released a movie tie-in video game two years late. It was a first-person shooter, which was then a genre dominated by gorey, adult titles like Doom and Duke Nukem, released on the family-friendly Nintendo 64. And consoles were the wrong platform to

Rare’s Legacy Takes Artistic Form

The graphic design and illustration studio DKNG has a sweet new color screen print revolving around the video game studio Rare and their excellent pedigree over the last thirty years.  The website hosts a plethora of film, TV, and video game posters, prints, and post

E3 Day 1: Microsoft Blunders, Forgets Kinect Device Exists

  Microsoft made an embarrassing blunder today at it’s E3 press conference when it completely forgot to talk about its plans for its Kinect device, or even mention the accessory at all. Gamers know the Kinect was first announced at 2009’s E3, when Microsoft promised