Rare’s Legacy Takes Artistic Form

30 Years of Rare

The graphic design and illustration studio DKNG has a sweet new color screen print revolving around the video game studio Rare and their excellent pedigree over the last thirty years.  The website hosts a plethora of film, TV, and video game posters, prints, and post cards, along with frames, wallpapers, and shirts.  Founded by Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman in 2005, the duo serve independent and corporate clients as well.

The screen print, Xbox ’30 Years of Rare’, comes out as a nice companion piece for the newly released Xbox One game Rare Replay, which features a slew of games from Rare’s past library and has done quite well with critics.  The print will run you fifty dollars.  There’s also another video game themed art piece titled Press Start that’s on sale right now for twenty-five dollars.  I might have found new art for my room.

Press Start

Time to break out some classic games.

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