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Batgirl & Harley Quinn DLC: Actually Pretty Good

Look, I know that Harley Quinn DLC back in the day wasn’t the post-coital ball cradle we well wanted after the immensely satisfying coitus that is Batman: Arkham City. The story floundered in the wake of Paul Dini’s absence, and the entire level is training

Tokyo In Tulsa Photo Dump: Cosplay For Days

Tokyo in Tulsa, an annual convention held at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on anime and video games, took place a little under two weeks ago.  A big draw of the event, like many conventions, is the cosplay.  A good friend

The Last of Us To Receive Vinyl Soundtrack Treatment

The original soundtrack to The Last of Us, a series I’m sure to do a write up on soon enough, is getting the star treatment.  Mondo, a website which creates limited edition screen printed posters that all sell out in two minutes, among other things, will

Please Understand, You Will Be Missed

BEGINNINGS “Let’s call him Satoru,”  said a proud mother, holding her newborn son.  What had started out as a normal December day in Sapporo, Japan had quickly become anything but.  The world had welcomed its newest member, Satoru Iwata, into its ranks.  Although highly unaware

Console Wars: An Interview With Blake J. Harris

Console Wars, written by Blake J. Harris, is one of the most interesting pieces of non-fiction I have ever read.  The book tells the story of Nintendo and Sega and their fight for console supremacy during the 1990s.  However, Harris writes the book as though

E3 Photo Dump, Exciting/Disappointing Moments Of Show

E3 has ended, and what a show it was.  Our friend and agent in the field, John Lusby (seen above), was lucky enough to steal someone’s pass for the final day of the show.  With his company issued smart phone camera, he snapped some great

Identity of the Arkham Knight Revealed! Sort Of! (Not Really)

It’s only 24 hours until Batman: Arkham Knight drops and Rocksteady Studios once again revolutionizes Batman-based gameplay as we now know it. Many web sites have claimed to have already uncovered the identity of the game’s mysterious titular villain, the Arkham Knight, but we at Geek Melee

Nintendo Attempts Good E3, Gives Up Five Minutes In

Nintendo recently held their E3 Digital Event.  With what appeared to be a firm grasp on what fans wanted to see, the video opened with a comical skit employing puppet versions of President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime, President and CEO of Nintendo Satoru