Tokyo In Tulsa Photo Dump: Cosplay For Days

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Tokyo in Tulsa, an annual convention held at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on anime and video games, took place a little under two weeks ago.  A big draw of the event, like many conventions, is the cosplay.  A good friend of mine, Suzy, got a chance to take some photos of the excellent costume work.  I had planned on going with David, but thankfully she was there to salvage my poorly planned idea.  Enjoy!


Minecraft person guy thing with human arms and legs.

Majin Buu

Majin Buu being constipated as always.

Joker and Harley

Harley’s Joker/Joker’s Harley looking regal as fuck.


Bumblebee hangin’ by the bathroom wishing he was in better movies.


The Borg come to force their Star Trekian ways upon you. Feat. several Kano wannabes.


It’s literally The Heavy from Team Fortress 2. WAS GOOD TRIP.


Marceline and Lumpy of Adventure Time fame. Lumpy lookin’ way less cloud-based.


Vaporeon and Sabrina (Suzy) from Pokémon.


The Akatsuki crew from Naruto.


Inuyasha and Kilala just fuckin’ about.


Some girls with microphones and wings? I have no idea, sounds like an anime to me!


Suzy’s friend Sarah (who was lame and didn’t cosplay) and Sabrina peacin’ it up. A Ghostbuster leaving the scene.

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