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Tokyo In Tulsa Photo Dump: Cosplay For Days

Tokyo in Tulsa, an annual convention held at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on anime and video games, took place a little under two weeks ago.  A big draw of the event, like many conventions, is the cosplay.  A good friend

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Dragon Ball Super, which is the first Dragon Ball related anime produced in 18 years, aired last Sunday, June 5th.  Thanks to the power of the Internet, I was able to watch the first episode with a fan-made sub. Holy shit,

Listen Hear: Dragon Ball Z♭

Video games have tons of working parts that go into making them all so amazing.  The story, the characters, the world, the graphics, the controls.  But there is often an element that a lot of people overlook.  An element that truly does bring to life

6 Ways Goku Is A Shitty Dad

Oh Dragon Ball. You tend to present Goku as this Buddha-like man of peace, who only fights to save his friends and family and also because he kind of loves it. But when the fight is over, how is he at home, actually raising his

Daredevl Recap Episode 5 “World on Fire”

  So the show is really rolling now. Last episode we got our first good long look at what this show wants to do with Kingpin and – Oh no. Here we go. Since the first episode I’ve been dreading this moment. The “Jennifer Garner in the

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1 Episode 4 “In The Blood”

So I guess they still have those totally barbaric, Dostoyevski-ish Siberian prisons lying around in Russia? Whether they do or don’t, it’s great TV, and a great opening for an episode in which we get our first look at one of the mysterious criminal entities

Flash Season One Review: The Incredible Eddie Thawne

  It’s just too appropriate that a show about a superfast human being broke CW’s record for most-watched season premiere. But this isn’t the first time the Scarlet Speedster has been given a crack at small-screen superheroics. Has the first season of the CW’s take

Cape Talk: Joker’s Ink and Supergirl’s Stink

  On Joker’s Tattoos Let’s be clear: the first person to play Joker after Heath Ledger was always going to get rekt by fans. Ledger has become the James Dean of our generation, and The Dark Knight is his Rebel Without A Cause. His Joker wasn’t just

Arrow Season 3: Literally Everyone Is A Ninja Now

Well, another year of empty warehouses, teenage romances in adult bodies, and scowling has come to an end. The superhero television landscape has changed considerably since Arrow‘s pilot episode almost three years ago. At the time, live-action superhero drama was pretty much limited to Arrow