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Cape Talk #4: Mystique!!!

Mystique of the X-Men movies has been all over the news lately, and as sure as the sunrise, it’s time for me to have an opinion about it! Welcome to Cape Talk! The Solo Mystique Film No One Wants Bryan Singer is flapping his yap

A Gamer’s Prayer for Good Movies

  God, I know we don’t talk much, what with me being an atheist who never gives a dollar to the hungry at the grocery store checkout. But we really need to talk. Since 1993, you’ve been smiting us humble gamers with abominable movies based

The 8 Great Geek Tragedies

  I would never for a second forget how good we geeks have it right now. There’s more superhero movies coming out than we can shake a web at. We finally got the Deadpool movie and it’s as good we could have hoped for! The entire

Film Review – ‘The Witch’ Casts a Haunting Cinematic Spell

                  The Witch Written and Directed by: Robert Eggers Set in 1630 New England, The Witch follows a religious family of six as they leave the safety of their community plantation to strike out on their own and settle at the edge

2015 Film Roundup

Film records were shattered in 2015. Well, financially speaking anyway. Several films that came out last year are in the top ten highest grossing films of all time. They include: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – currently the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, and