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2016 Film Roundup

It is award season, and that means there are hundreds of “Best Films of 2016” lists smeared across the internet. Despite the saturation – I’ll throw my two cents into the mix. I’d like to do something different to try and spice up the listicle format.

2015 Film Roundup

Film records were shattered in 2015. Well, financially speaking anyway. Several films that came out last year are in the top ten highest grossing films of all time. They include: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – currently the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, and

Press X To Immerse

Immersion in video games has become a big talking point among fans and critics lately.  Having recently completed the excellent Metro 2033 series (I know, a little late on that) I thought I would share my thoughts on some recent trends.  In particular – button