The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review: What Are You Doing Buy The Game Already Wow Hurry Up Wow

zeldas breathe of teh wild is really really good im enjoying it so damn much its definately the best Zelda gmae in the series and takes everythig in a new direction and so many weaposns and jesus the map is so big where do i evan go i love this so much    i dont really caare about this revie w at all im just slamming down thoughtsx so i cna get back to plkaying ht gmae it’s great go buy it goddambn i jus t wanna cathc another horse and listen to Link say “ho ho” and everyhing is fucking operfect.

ALso there is some framerate issues and its embarssing but whatevrer get the game idiots gotta defet e calamity ganon nowwwwww.

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