Japanese McDonald’s Nintendo Commercial Is Exactly What It Should Be

There is a very real commercial that you need to be watching at this very moment right now currently.

Nintendo truly is trying its best to branch out in every area, including Happy Meals apparently.  But this commercial.  Those kids are so happy!  And then two of them fly out of their chairs!  Then ALL OF THEM start spinning around!  THEN THEY ALL START WAVING AS ILLOGICALLY AS POSSIBLE AND CONTINUALLY YELLING YES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

An employee also gets a Starman and the just stands there in a weird pose while everyone else looks on in awe.  It’s so nonsensical and perfectly encapsulates the joy of Nintendo, even if it’s just for a kids toy from McDonald’s.  Although it’s obviously for the Japanese market, these are also going to be coming to the UK as well!  Hopefully we’ll see them shipped over here soon…

Not that I need an excuse to go McDonald’s, but I would definitely use this as one.  And purchase several Happy Meals.

All for me.

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