No Man’s Sky Delayed To Make Time For Plot, Reasons To Play Game

No Man's Sky gameplay, maybe.

No Man’s Sky gameplay, maybe.

With less than a month from the original launch window, No Man’s Sky co-director Sean Murray came to the realization that no actual campaign or gameplay functionality, outside of going to an innumerable amount of randomly generated planets and then proudly telling other people that you did so, had been implemented.  “I kinda got stuck on the whole ‘looking at planets and ecosystems’ part of the game.  Then I remembered that’s all there really was.  I sort of assumed the plot would procedurally generate itself, like the rest of the game does,”  said a frantic and sleepless looking Murray, complete with five o’clock shadow.  “Turns out that’s not true.  At all.”

The upcoming “adventure survival” game has reportedly been delayed from its June release date to leave time for the creation of a plot and actual things to do.  Developer Hello Games said it would only need “about maybe twoish months, who knows” to tack on campaign elements to the existing product.  “I’m mostly banking on the procedural generating to come through for me,”  whispered Murray before opening up Tinder on his phone.  “Let’s see if I can procedurally generate myself a girlfriend!”

As of press time, Murray was continually swiping right with no matches.

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