Lore Roundup #3: Overwatch Part III

After raging at a Genji who insta-locked and refuses to switch, have you ever wondered, “I wonder what that asshole’s ninja’s backstory is?” No? Just me? Alright, well, I already wrote this whole article about him, as well as Pharah, Hanzo, and Torbjörn, so like me watching that cyborg head pop up on the character select right before the game that should be pushing me into gold tier…you’re fucked.

The end of a trilogy. Here we introduce those infamous dps picks, Hanzo and Genji, as well as that dark angel of the air, Pharah, and Torbjörn, that guy everyone’s yelling at building a turret on the payload.

1) May 16, 2016 – “Dragons” Animated Short

The moon has risen over Hanamura, Japan, and a soundless shadow creeps toward an ancient castle nestled in the heart of the city. Men in black suits stand guard, with no idea of how little skill it takes this shadow to get headshots. But Hanzo has no idea that another dps hero is lying in wait, one that may take even less skill!

You are now looking at Hanzo’s nipple.

…I kid, Hanzo and Genji players. I kid.

2) May 20, 2016 – “Pharah: Mission Statement” Comic

Anubis, a “god program” AI quarantined after the Omnic Crisis, is reactivated and threatens to break containment. In the old days, this would have been a job for Overwatch. Now, the only thing standing between this digital conqueror and world domination is a Helix Security force, and a seasoned warrior who must become a leader.

So it’s pretty heavy shit, is what I’m saying. Also, the art is beautiful. And this is one where I’m actually going to recommend reading it through the motion comic.

Can you spot C-3PO chasing his head around in the background??

Motion Comic or  Digital Comic

3) May 22, 2016 – “Hero” Animated Short

At long last, we get to see Soldier: 76 himself in action. And this short has all the necessary ingredients for a great action short: a damsel in distress, a misunderstood hero, black light tattoos, and an adorable little purse with a face on it.

“According to my HUD, this animated short has the most murder of any Pixar-ish feature ever!”

This certainly isn’t the only animated Overwatch short Blizzard has released that you can say this about, but “Hero” is great at telling a story in the visual language of cinema. You can watch this and understand how people can be afraid and uncertain about someone who goes around dressed like Captain America.

4) May 24, 2016 – “Torbjörn: Destroyer” Comic

I was actually surprised to learn that Torbjörn is not an actual dwarf. You know, in the Lord of the Rings way. I learned that from this comic, where the former engineer of the Ironclad Guild (seriously how is he not dwarven) is tapped to stop a marauding Omnic in Europe.

Torbjörn Lindholm: A man who enjoys what he does.

A city under threat, betrayal, innocents being crushed – apparently just another day in the year twenty-sixty-something.

Disbanding Overwatch is starting to look like it was a really bad idea.

Motion Comic or Digital Comic

5) July 6, 2016 – “Fading Glory: On the Trail of Jack Morrison” Atlas News Piece

Reporter Olympia Shaw returns with a somber reflection on the impact of Overwatch and its commander, Jack Morrison. How did this proud organization fall so far? And how could Soldier: 76 further tarnish its legacy?

“Holy crap, kid, that battle was nuts. I can’t even believe we’re alive. Look at those buildings behind us! Look at them leaning! Holy shit. I’m fucking shaking right now. Feel my hand shaking.”

Link: “Fading Glory: On The Trail of Jack Morrison”

That’s all the Overwatch lore for now! But stay tuned for more Overwatch content because I’m probably going to be obsessed with this game for at least a few more weeks!

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