Video Game Reviews by People You’re Friends With on Facebook


No Man’s Sky, by Your Friend Who Likes Running


If you check out any of my 32 Facebook albums, you know that I’m a fan of my shoes slapping against the road. I love it so much, I was getting frustrated no video game could supply the same empty and uneventful experience. Some gamers are tired of “quicktime” events. I’m just tired of events in general. Stop making so much happen in games, you know? Just give me a quintillion miles of empty space to run on, and maybe some metrics to quantify my minutely improved performance over time, and you have No Man’s Sky – my new favorite game!

Pokemon Go, by Your Most Political Facebook Friend 


Get out on the streets! Mostly so you can protest, but also so you can play Pokemon Go. The game is great! It’s all about rallying your friends to join your team so you can all grind the other teams into paste. Of course, red and blue are the most popular teams – what sheeple! If you only opened your eyes, you could do your own evolution, from sheeple to see-ple. But only if you agree with me, otherwise you’re an uninformed dope!

Overwatch, by Your Most Christian Facebook Friend


Today, I rejoice and give thanks! Which I do every day, because He deserves it lol!! But today is special. Even the atheists must be taking a minute to wonder if they’re on the right track!! At least, the ones who’ve played Overwatch. Truly, the Lord loves us, to have delivered unto us this game. A huge character selection, good servers, and the devs pay us so much attention I feel like a preacher on Sunday! Lol!! So lift up your hearts to Jesus, and lift up your hard drives to Blizzard, for their glorious resurrection as a really, really good game company is at hand!

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