Stop Putting Tiny Ki Blasts in DBZ Games, I’m Serious

What will happen next time?? Who is this FAT BEERUS? The new VILLAIN PERHAPS?


Dear Dragon Ball Z video game developers,

Please stop putting those shitty tiny ki blasts in your games, God please just stop doing it.

First, I love your latest DBZ entry, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (and yes, I get the joke in there, Xenoverse, XV, 15, 15th console game since Budokai, very clever). It’s in many ways the purest expression of Dimps’ DBZ game philosophy, going all the way back to the original Budokai. And hell, I still remember seeing that game on the cover of Game Informer and getting excited back in high school.

But in all of these games, all fifteen goddamn games, you have put in the tiny ki blasts (I’m looking at you too, Spike). It was fine for Budokai, for a first effort. Hey, you didn’t even have blue Kamehameha waves in that one, so there was a learning curve. But then they showed up again. And again.

And again.


I’m not even kidding around right now you guys

Where, in the Dragon Ball Z series, do we see our mighty space karate fighters, men who can destroy entire planets with an aggressive ear waggle, pester each other with small ki blasts? Never. That is when. Never, Dimps.



(Source: OneyG YouTube Channel)

Nothing kills the epic atmosphere of a planet-shaking battle like getting peppered with tiny ki blasts. Nothing destroys the rythym and mounting energy of a slugfest like the herky-jerky movement of getting hit with tiny ki blasts.

Please stop putting the tiny ki blasts in your DBZ games. Stop it. Stop it.




P.S. I’m serious you guys, cut it out for the love of God.

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