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Westworld Studio Pitch

David and I both really, really liked Westworld.  Drew did not. We thought a radio skit might be an entertaining way to examine both viewpoints, so take a listen! ***SPOILER ALERT*** – Full spoilers for the entire season are referenced! What did you think of

Luke Cage Episode 1: Kinda Sorta Not Very Good

“Suck it, DC Cinematic Universe.” That’s what Marvel has earned the right to say, after a year and a half of Netflix original series that have exploded the possibilities for dark, gritty and “realistic” superheroes. And these series got popular without anything close to household

Pokémon Generations’ Second Episode Deserves Its Own Spinoff

Pokemon Generations is a new YouTube series of bite-sized anime episodes focusing on the Pokémon game’s most memorable moments and designed as a way to bring new viewpoints to these classic stories.  So far, they’ve been short and sweet, giving you just enough to want more in the coming months

C. Martin Croker, Animator, Voice Of Zorak And Moltar, Dies At 54

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Space Ghost Coast to Coast or Cartoon Planet, but I know I had never seen an animated program like it in my life.  C. Martin Croker, the man who brought to life my favorite character on the show, Zorak, has passed