Listen To Animal Crossing Music On Your Browser Always

Kazumi Totaka makes some brilliant video game music.  I’ll be sure and elaborate more on that soon.  The Animal Crossing series is just one of many examples.  However, thanks to a new Google Chrome extension, you can listen to the sweet sounds of Totaka’s work at anytime.  Plus, like the game, the music corresponds to the time of day it’s being played.

Once installed, a small K.K. Slider icon appears in the top corner of your browser.  Clicking him starts the song based on the clock of your computer.  It includes music for all the Animal Crossing titles and, of course, includes Slider’s signature late night Saturday concerts.

Animal Crossing MusicLook at those sexy OPTIONS.  I’d highly recommend it for anyone who loves the music of this series.  It’s a nice little pick me up at any point in the day and always makes you smile.  You can download it here.

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